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Inspired by the famous lagoon canals and the long narrow shape of its most popular boats, Venice freestanding bathtub is a celebration to the city of “Venezia” (Venice), in Kreoo’s native region.

Venice presents an essential, sinuous and linear oval shape, where the material emphasizes its sculptural beauty: the choice of veined marbles, such as Calacatta Classico or Grigio St. Marie, symbolizes the irregular network of the Venetian canals, brought back to the stone surface.
The fine edge (never exceeding the 2 cm thickness), gives lightness to the whole product, delicately outlining the internal ergonomics, wide and comfortable, wrapping the body harmoniously while gently floating in the water.

The bathtub is carved from a single block of solid marble, sculpted with a meticulous and fine technique. Initially rough-shaped with high technology machinery, like all Kreoo pieces, and then hand-finished by experienced Italian artisans. Waste is re-used in the production chain, to maximize the utility of each block.

Born from Kreoo’s internal design team necessity to respond to the request for a simple and elegant bathtub, suitable for any context, Venice’s aim is to enhance the uniqueness of the material and its infinite nuances, navigating the spaces of contemporary living.